Having a Dental Implant in Harlow

Dental implants are now recognized as the real future of teeth replacement. No longer do you have to live with the shadow of dentures or partial dentures hanging over you. Once, implants used to be out of the price range of most of us living in Harlow, and dentures were the only option. But advances in micro surgery have radically changed all that- implants have become common place and hence, prices have become more competitive; what with price plans and access to treatments, implants are available to everyone and the more preferred choice to dentures. Having teeth replaced not only keeps the face aesthetically youthful and prevents it from drooping; there are a lot of health implications at stake. Having teeth, retains a healthy ‘bite in the mouth, or the occlusion, that prevents damage to the neck, head and shoulders, and if only one tooth, or a couple of teeth are lost, getting a replacement can stop movement to the remaining teeth and further problems such as gum disease setting in. An implant is for life and as strong as the root they replace and a lot less vulnerable to disease and infection. Modern surgical techniques have brought down treatment and healing times and the new teeth that are fitted onto the implants, more alluring than the teeth that were there before. If however, you already have dentures that keep moving around in the mouth, mini implants that can be fitted in a day, can be used to lock them in securely. Implants can improve your quality of life that you may well have thought you’d lost with tooth loss. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.