Give your smile a boost with Enlighten teeth whitening at Colchester dentist

If we’re honest we would probably all like to have whiter teeth as they look healthier and improve the appearance of the smile. Most people know about the existence of teeth whitening treatments but few people realise that they are actually very affordable. Teeth whitening started in America in the late seventies and eighties and was often seen as something reserved for movie stars and other rich and famous people. However, teeth whitening has become far more available and affordable and is now within the price range of pretty much everybody.

Teeth whitening systems such as Enlighten are carried out by almost all dentists in the UK and prices start at about £600 per treatment. Obviously, the more extensive the work you have carried out, the more expensive the treatment will be but everybody can benefit form even a single whitening treatment. Enlighten works by applying an active gel to the surface of the teeth in a special tray. This active gel contains the ingredient hydrogen peroxide, which slowly seeps into the tooth enamel, bleaching it and turning it whiter.

The process is completely safe if carried out by a dentist in a surgery. It is possible to buy home whitening kits but it is always best to have the treatment performed by a trained professional. There have been cases of people burning the soft tissue of their mouths with the gel, but with a dentist this is unlikely to happen. Whitening can make teeth up to ten shades whiter, depending on the original condition of the teeth and the consistency of the enamel, which differs from person to person.

Colchester dentists offer tooth whitening to improve the appearance of your smile. This perfectly safe treatment is one of the most affordable yet effective cosmetic dentistry treatments, so give it a try to boost your smile. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

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