Give Your Face A Boosting Treatment With One Of Our Chemical Peels Near Brentford

Sun, wind, smoking and pollution can all play havoc with our skin and as we age we naturally lose collagen and elastin. This can all add up to dull and grey looking skin, however, some lustre can be restored with one of our effective chemical peel treatments. Comprised of 4 peel sessions over 4 weeks, our mild yet effective treatment can reverse pigmentation and blemishes, to reveal new and clear skin underneath. Our chemical peels also encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin and can reduce the appearance of open pores, whilst improving the texture and translucency of the skin. Before treatment we will assess the condition of your face and whether the treatment is the best choice for you. However, the peel can be used in most cases and is suitable for most skin types, even those suffering from acne. All treatment is carried out at the clinic over 4 weeks and includes post peel cream and sunscreen for after treatment use. At the moment we are happily able to offer customers this amazing treatment for only £550 rather than our normal price of £695.This includes all visits and post treatment creams for a brand new radiant you, along with summer savings! If you would like to know more about our chemical peel treatments and for assessment of your skin’s suitability, please feel free to call into the practice today. We would love to help you with any facial or dental treatments you need to help you achieve your dream look.