Getting A Helping Hand With Gum Disease

Most of us will deal with a certain level of gum disease at some point in our lives. Our periodontists are here to help you to treat your teeth and gums and our dental hygienist will give you tips and advice on looking after your oral health. You can get gum disease for a variety of reasons, but generally gum disease occurs when oral hygiene is not maintained. Even a small thing such as not flossing or not flossing correctly can lead to a build up of tarter between the teeth. Forgetting to clean your teeth regularly can also adversely affect the health of your gums as can smoking and eating sugary acidic foods. We are here to help and support you as well as educate you so that you know all the best ways of looking after your oral health. Our hygienist will look at your teeth and give your teeth professional clean, leaving them tarter and plaque free as well as glossy and whiter looking. They can also advice you on the foods to avoid as well as the best techniques for cleaning and flossing and the right products for you. Our periodontists will look after your gums, specifically if your gum disease is more serious. They will thoroughly examine your teeth and X ray them before creating a personalized treatment plan. They may have to perform root canal treatment to any infected roots. Together we can effectively treat your gum disease and prevent it occurring in the future. We are here to help and if you feel you would benefit from seeing our hygienist or our periodontist get in touch with us today.