Get root canal treatment from Billericay dentists

If your tooth has become internally damaged, root canal treatment may be necessary. Teeth are actually hollow, with a chamber inside called the pulp chamber which houses many nerves, veins, arteries and assorted tissues. The root canals are the channels which enter into these chambers through the root of teeth. They carry many nerves so are a vital and sensitive part of your mouth.

If material in the pulp chamber has become damaged an abscess might form in the event of infection. An injury to the mouth might be sufficient to damage the pulp chamber or tooth decay or gum disease may end up with complications inside the tooth. If an infection results it can be very painful indeed and even spread to the rest of your mouth. You may require root canal treatment if your teeth continually ache, your gums are swelling and tender near a particular tooth or if, particularly after an accident, one of your teeth has turned a dark colour.

Root canal treatment involves your dentist anaesthetizing the area and drilling into the affected tooth. This is get access to the chamber within and the root canals. Your dentist will need to take detailed xrays of your teeth to determine the depth of the canals and how much infected pulp is present. Using special equipment, the canals and the chamber are cleared of the infected materials and your dentist will seal your tooth with a temporary filling.

At a second appointment your dentist will examine the tooth to see if the canals have remained free of the infected debris. You will then have a permanent crown attached.

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