Get Rid Of Your Lines And Wrinkles

Ageing is an inevitable process, but if you’re not quite ready to bid farewell to your smooth and youthful complexion, our non-invasive facial treatments could help to roll back the years and stop the clock. We offer non-surgical Botox and dermal filler treatment to smooth out lines and wrinkles and make you look and feel younger. Facial aesthetic treatments are growing in popularity year on year, as many people look for affordable and temporary alternatives to cosmetic surgery to tackle the signs of ageing. Our team has many years of experience in this field and we use the latest and best techniques to achieve a beautiful, natural look. Botox has been approved for use for over a decade and it is particularly effective at combating lines and wrinkles; it is a purified form of botulinum toxin type A, which is injected into targeted areas, including the forehead and the skin around the eyes, to reduce the visibility of facial lines and folds. Botox prevents the transmission of nerve signals to the facial muscles, causing them to relax; as a result, the wrinkles soften and the skin appears smoother. Botox is not a permanent solution and the results usually last around 4 months. After this period of time has elapsed, it is possible to continue treatment if you wish to prolong the effects. Botox treatment typically takes around 20 minutes and we use a very fine needle and control the flow of a very small quantity of Botox very carefully to minimise discomfort and the results will usually become visible after a few days. Dermal fillers are another popular and effective solution for softening wrinkles and they work by adding volume to the skin. They help to counteract the effect of reduced collagen stores, which leads to a lack of firmness in the skin. Fillers provide a solution for dull and sagging skin and they can also help to enhance the facial features, creating more definition around the jaw line and the cheekbones. We can also offer filler treatment to create fuller lips. The procedure is very similar to Botox; we use a finely pointed needle to inject filler into specific areas, which you want to address; the results should last around 6-9 months. If you want to kick-start the autumn with glowing, smooth skin, now is the time to call and book your consultation!