Four Ways Stopping Smoking Will Help Your Teeth

Smoking is one of the most hazardous habits out there. Most people associated smoking with an elevated risk of lung problems, but smoking can also be incredibly damaging for your oral health. Here are 4 ways stopping smoking will benefit your teeth:

  1. Cleaner teeth: smoking is a leading cause of staining because cigarettes contain chemicals and substances that discolour teeth like tar. If you smoke, you’re likely to notice that your teeth have a yellow or brown tinge rather than a bright white glow.
  2. Fresher breath: smoking is a very common cause of bad breath. Giving up smoking will help you to enjoy fresher, cleaner breath, which may also improve your confidence, especially in social situations.
  3. Lower risk of gum disease: smoking can have a negative impact on circulation, which means that blood flow to the gums is reduced. This causes the risk of gum disease to increase. If you quit smoking, this will lower your chances of developing gum disease, a condition that can cause premature tooth loss.
  4. Reduced oral cancer risk: oral cancer affects the soft tissue in the mouth and throat. It has become much more common in the UK in the last decade, with the number of diagnosed cases rising by more than a third. Smoking is the most potent risk factor for oral cancer. Symptoms of oral cancer include red or white patches in the mouth, slow-healing ulcers and abnormal swelling.

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