Five Tooth Brushing Tips To Keep Your Teeth Gleaming

Most of us want to enjoy a gleaming, glossy smile for as long as possible. If you’re keen to make your smile shine this summer, here are 5 brilliant brushing tips:

  1. Be gentle: brushing hard may seem like the best thing to do to get a good clean and polish, but if you brush aggressively, you can actually do harm than good. Brush gently to protect your enamel.
  2. Use a timer: it’s really important to do a thorough job when you brush, so set a timer or buy a brush with a timer to make sure you’re brushing for at least 2 minutes each time.
  3. Swap your brush every 3-4 months: if you’re brushing with a brush that has worn down bristles, you’re not going to achieve the same level of intensity as you would with a new brush. Swap the brush or the brush head every 3-4 months.
  4. Angle the head of the brush: when you’re cleaning your teeth, angle the brush head to enable you to clean along the gum line. This will ensure that you can clean the entire tooth.
  5. Clean between your teeth: the tiny cracks and gaps between your teeth can easily trap food and bacteria, so clean these areas with inter-dental brushes or dental floss.