Find out through Advance what CEREC is at your local clinic in Basildon

CEREC is a modern dental technique that allows dentists to produce an indirect ceramic dental restoration using computerised technology. Teeth can be restored in one appointment and the results are more natural and less unsightly than large metal fillings and through Advance Dental clinic that serves Basildon, your dentist will use 3D photography and CAM/CAD technology in order to design your new restoration. CEREC can be used to create veneers, crowns and fillings so can be used for discoloured teeth, damaged teeth or even treating cavities.

Once your dentist has designed the product online, the data is sent to an on-site milling machine which fabricates the tooth from high-quality ceramics. This process may take from 10 to 30 minutes but is a small price to pay for complete restoration in one sitting. Once your ceramic is made, it may be polished and stained to match your other teeth, then cemented into place on top of your tooth.

The benefits of CEREC treatment are that everything is completed in one single visit, you only need one set of local anaesthetic injections, your dentist is in complete control of the fabrication and the end result and finally you do not have to be subject to wearing temporary restorations.

CEREC typically costs £380 -£700 per tooth that is being replaced. This is little variation on the typical prices charged for standard veneers and crowns but provides much better, much faster results. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance in Chelmsford.