Fast And Effective Tooth Restoration With CEREC

At Advance Dental, we are always on the lookout for fast and effective treatments, which provide our clients with beautiful, healthy smiles. We are very proud to offer Cerec same-day restorative treatment in the heart of Essex. Cerec technology is an advanced form of treatment, which gives us the option to restore teeth in a single session. With Cerec, there is no need to create putty impressions, send them away and wait for a new restoration to be fabricated by a dental technician; this technology allows us to complete the entire treatment process on-site in no time at all. Before treatment begins, we take photographs of the tooth, which are then converted into incredibly detailed 3D templates by Cerec software; these templates are then sent to the milling machine, which is responsible for creating the new bespoke restoration. The manufacturing process is very quick and once the restoration is ready, it can then be fitted. There are many advantages of having Cerec on site; treatment times are much shorter than traditional treatment, which tends to take up to 2 weeks and involves 2-3 appointments, patients can enjoy immediate results and there is no need to fit temporary restorations. Patients can enjoy the results of treatment without having to worry about booking time off work or making childcare arrangements for multiple appointments and we don’t have to use dental putty to make impressions of the teeth, which some patients find unpleasant and uncomfortable. The process is also more accurate and the technology is versatile; with Cerec, we can create a range of restorations, including veneers, inlays and onlays and crowns. If you would like to find out more about Cerec or any other forms of dental technology we offer at the practice, don’t hesitate to give us a call.