Fabulous Facial Aesthetics – Rejuvenate Your Skin for the Summer

With recent advancements in facial aesthetic treatment, we are able to offer our patients not only the very latest cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics but also the very latest facial treatments too.

The science of ageing

To understand how these treatments work, we first need to understand how age impacts appearance. As we grow older, a natural layer of collagen in our skin gradually breaks down and makes our skin sag. A lifetime’s worth of muscle activity will also produce crow’s feet and other wrinkles. Thankfully, we offer two separate treatments for these two problems which provide the same solution: more youthful looking skin.

For plumping skin: dermal fillers

Dermal fillers restore skin volume and, as an added bonus, help smooth out lines in the face. The results are immediate and the procedure, which simply consists of injecting dermal filler into the problem areas, usually takes half an hour. Filler products are based on naturally occurring acids in the body.

For banishing crow’s feet and wrinkles: Botox

If muscle movement causes wrinkles, what is the best way to stop wrinkles? Stop the muscle movement! Or, rather, calm it: There is a myth, mostly perpetuated by late 90s & early 21st century sitcoms, that Botox produces a ‘frozen face’ effect in people, but this is simply not true. It relaxes muscle movement, it doesn’t outright halt it.  As with dermal fillers, the procedure is very quick. Most sessions take about 10 minutes! Improvements will become recognisable after a few days, and further improvements will continue to surface for about a month after that.

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