Experience the benefits of cosmetic dentistry at Harlow dentist

Over the last twenty years a change has occurred in the way we view the dentist. The dentist is no longer just a medical professional there to repair damage to teeth and keep them healthy, but they are now additionally seen as cosmetic technicians. They are able, using a variety of new procedures, to drastically improve the appearance of even the most damaged and unhealthy looking teeth.

The change really began with the advent of modern teeth whitening. People began to realise that having a healthy and beautiful looking smile could be a real advantage and work wonders for the self-confidence. As treatments like teeth whitening became more affordable more people began to see the benefits on offer from their dentist. Other cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding, orthodontic straightening and teeth contouring all became very popular as the full potential of cosmetic dentistry was gradually revealed to the public.

In recent years, a more extensive and comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatment called a smile makeover has grown in popularity as it offers a complete dental transformation utilising a number of treatments suitable for your teeth. The potential of a smile makeover has been seen on many of the wave of TV makeover shows where even the most unhealthy looking teeth can be transformed.

Harlow dentists offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments ranging from the most simple to the most extensive and with treatments to suit every budget it is possible for everyone to benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford

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