Electric Toothbrushes vs. Traditional Toothbrushes

Regardless of the type of toothbrush used, the goal of oral hygiene and teeth brushing is to prevent sticky plaque from adhering to the tooth surface and gums causing solid tartar build-up. Plaque calculus stimulates natural bacteria in the mouth to over-colonise and rot teeth. Tooth decay is prevalent amongst those who do not maintain daily oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

Range of products

There are a range of products that may be used for oral cleansing. Where once people may have only used manual toothbrushes, they now have the option of choosing between natural toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes and electric or battery-operated ones. In making this choice, it is worth knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Choosing Traditional Versus Electric Toothbrushes

Preference – The views on the advantages and drawbacks of each type of toothbrush are varied. Some say that it is down to preference and the type of toothbrush an individual prefers to use. The vibrating sensation of electric toothbrushes may not appeal to some people. Those with sensitive teeth may find this uncomfortable. However, others may choose an electric toothbrush for its consistent cleaning technique.

Rotation Oscillation vs Manual Control – Research findings do evidence the effectiveness of electric rotation oscillation for teeth cleaning technique, however studies are not conclusive in suggesting the electric technique trumps manual teeth cleaning with traditional toothbrushes.

Oral Hygiene and Safe Use – Both types of toothbrushes may be used in a disposable manner for maintaining oral hygiene. With either electric or traditional toothbrush use, food debris may still be left caught in hard to reach oral crevices. Regular dental check-ups and professional teeth cleaning may still be required. The pressure applied in teeth brushing still depends on the user, therefore oral trauma may occur whether using an electric or traditional tooth brush. For more information on brushing teeth and the best technique and brush contact the team at Advance Dental Clinic in Essex for more information.