Digital Xrays available from Basildon dentists

Digital Xrays represent an amazing advance in dental procedures. Dentists need an efficient way of visualizing teeth when they are examining them for problems and deciding on the correct procedure. If Xrays can be made more speedy and accurate then treatment can be offered quickly. Digital Xrays allow such a change.

Traditional Xrays allow dentists to view the mouth in a flat, 2D way. As such, repeated Xrays were often required in order to get different views of teeth. Digital Xrays mean that this is no longer necessary. Just one Xray will give your dentist a 3D image of your mouth, saved using the latest, state of the art computer technology. This will allow him or see multiple views of your mouth.

CEREC processes utilize digital Xrays as part of the process of fitting new crowns, underlays, onlays and veneers. Such is the efficiency of digital Xrays that some of these processes can take place in just over five minutes. The 3D digital images, housed in a computer rather than on a sheet, can be sent to an online milling machine to quickly fabricate your new veneer or crown. If you are nervous about visiting your dentist for one of these procedures, rest assured that with digital Xrays the time spent in the chair is dramatically reduced.

All of which means that digital Xrays can significantly lessen the cost of dental treatment by getting rid of lab fees and repeated Xrays to get different view on the mouth. Contact your Basildon dentist today to find out more about how digital Xrays are revolutionizing dentistry. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.