Did You Know We Can Brighten Your Teeth in Just One Hour?

Tooth whitening is a very popular treatment. Polls show that most people would like a whiter smile. If you’re interested in whitening treatment, we can provide you with the finest techniques around. Our dental team, led by Dr Andrew Moore, has tried and tested a range of treatments to bring you the very best results. After trialling a number of treatments, Dr Moore is delighted to offer patients the incredible Enlighten whitening system.

What is Enlighten whitening?

Enlighten is widely regarded as the best professional whitening system on the market at the moment. In the UK, this is the only treatment that is capable of producing shade B1, the lightest tooth shade. If you dream of a glistening, radiant smile for summer, this is the option for you!

Enlighten whitening involves aspects of at-home and in-chair treatment. The in-chair treatment takes just one hour and it is preceded by 14 days of treatment at home. Home treatment is incredibly simple, there’s absolutely no pain involved and you can fit it in around your schedule. All you have to do is wear the bespoke whitening trays we provide you with for around 6 hours per day for 14 consecutive days. When you’ve done this, we’ll invite you to the clinic for an hour-long power whitening session, which will leave your pearly whites sparkling. You won’t feel any pain during the treatment and you can just lie back and relax. We’ll ask you to pop some goggles on, and then we’ll leave you to chill out while the Enlighten bleaching agent works its magic.

Is Enlighten a good option for me?

Enlighten is an excellent option for anyone who wants a noticeably whiter and brighter smile. This treatment can lighten the teeth by several shades and it’s very convenient. When administered by a trained dentist, whitening treatment is safe and there is a very low risk of side-effects. Treatment can make a massive difference to the look of your smile, as well as your confidence levels.

To find out more about Enlighten whitening, call us today!