Dentures in Chelmsford- all you need to know from Advance Dental Clinic

Dentures are a method of securing false teeth in the jaw with the support of the surrounding gingival tissue. Modern dentures are often removable, but some can still require a form of bonding, adherence to teeth or dental implantation.

Dentures aid individuals who are missing teeth in many ways. The cosmetic appearance of the teeth, filling in any missing gaps, is the first benefit dentures provide, they can also improve the pronunciation of certain words and most of all help elevate self-confidence.

Modern dentures produced in a dental laboratory from shaded acrylic powder and acrylic teeth which come in a variety of colours and sizes, so can be matched to your own teeth.

Both removable and complete dentures exist. The removable forms are made from crowns that fit on top of existing teeth. Complete dentures are used to replace teeth from an entire arch of the jawbone.

Complete dentures can be secured onto your teeth by your dentist in Essex and the process begins by taking an impression of either the maxilla or mandible arch. When this mould is finished, the dentures can be placed in a testing arrangement on the wax rim, and then can be tried in the mouth. Finishing the process, the dentures will be invested in stone, the original wax melted and the remaining cavity filled by your dentist. When the dentures have been left to cure for a while, the wax will be melted away, the investment removed and the acrylic teeth will be polished to perfection. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.