Dentists in Harlow use the effective Six Months Smile treatment to rectify problems with teeth alignment

Get your teeth perfectly aligned by using a new technique that is rolling out across the United Kingdom. Six Months Smile is a brilliant way to get your teeth straightened into a good looking and healthy smile. It can deal with a multitude of teeth alignment issues and is worth considering if you want a perfectly straightened smile.

The primary benefit of having your teeth straightened is the improvement to the aesthetics of your face but there are also oral health benefits too. A misaligned bite is a common cause of bruxism (when you grind your teeth during sleep) and overcrowding in teeth can also lead to cavity formation.

Six Months Smile uses wires and brackets in the same effective fashion as traditional braces but the advantage is that the brackets and wires are the same colour as your teeth. This means the product is far more discreet in your mouth and is less likely to lead to problems of self confidence being denigrated.

The second major advantage is that the treatment time is far shorter than with traditional braces. Rather than the eighteen months or two years associated with traditional braces, Six Months Smile usually needs only six months to rectify alignment problems and overcrowded teeth.

Have a chat with your dentist in Harlow to get the relevant information about Six Months Smile. You will find that it retains the effectiveness of traditional braces by using the same brackets and wires system but that it is far more discreet and takes less time to finish to finish the treatment. Many patients have found that the virtues of having straightened out teeth are things they now could not live without.