Dental Veneers by a Colchester dentist

Dental veneers are much the same as a furniture veneer, except the material isn’t a natural one, says a Colchester dentist. Much the same as a false nail is a veneer for the fingers; a dental veneer is used and fitted in much the same vein. There are two main types of veneer, one thicker and more permanent that the other. Firstly we have a thin veneer which is used to cover up simple and uncomplicated defects on our teeth, the most common reason for a veneer of this type is cosmetic and to make a discoloured tooth whiter and better shaped. Other reasons are to cover up a chip, gap or a crack, but a crack is a tricky one as the crack needs to be glued first to strengthen the cover up. Digital photos are taken of the tooth and the other teeth; this is so the technician can make the veneer to match the natural shape of the rogue tooth, and the shade of the other teeth. When the patient is ready to have a fitting the tooth is roughed up to make a better bonding surface, then it is simply glued into place. This type of veneer lasts around 3-6 years, and is easily replaced at any time. A porcelain veneer is much thicker and is used for much the same problems, except it is also used to cover up a badly misaligned tooth or a bigger gap. The porcelain version needs to be fitted exactly, and so more of the surface of the tooth is ground down to the same thickness as the veneer, this is then cemented onto the thinner tooth. They last 10-15 years and can be replaced, but the amount of times that can happen are limited due to the amount of enamel removed. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

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