Dental Implants, restore your teeth in Maldon today with Advance Dental Clinic.

Dental implants are installed by fastening a false tooth, or teeth, into the jaw of an individual via a titanium rod. The titanium rod is attached to the jawbone, then the chosen form of false tooth is secured and the implant is left to cure and fuse with the bones in the jaw. One implant is in actual fact able to anchor more than one false tooth and five or six implants is all that is needed to replace the entire jawbone.

X-rays and CT scans may be required before implants can be attached- this is to allow your dentist to better examine your mouth and the alignment of your teeth in the jaw. The surgery, carried out under local anaesthetic, involves the dentist creating a hole in your jawbone and slotting the titanium rod into this hole. Following this a small, surgical procedure to uncover the tip of the implant is completed. Once these steps have been successful, the false tooth may then be screwed or clipped onto the implant by your dentist.

For the people of Maldon, immediate and delayed implanting is now available with Advance Dental Clinic of Chelmsford. Immediate implants are placed directly into the tooth socket after tooth extraction, whereas with delayed implants, a tooth is surgically extracted and then traumatised jawbone is left to heal. Once the damage has been mended, a new hole can be produced through mechanically drilling, and the implant can be fitted into that.

Swelling, discomfort and headaches are all common side-effects of dental implant surgery. More serious complications include: neuronal damage in the tissue, infection of the gum or jaw and extensive or severe bleeding. However, these complications are very rare and should not result from surgery with an experienced dentist. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.