Dental check ups available with Epping dentists to ensure long term oral hygiene

Regular visits to a dentist are vital in maintaining the health of your mouth. Check ups with specialists help ensure that you have no problems with your teeth or gums and, if you do, that they can be treated quickly before they develop. The benefits of having a healthy mouth are obvious: pain-free eating, drinking and talking and a confident smile. Make an appointment for a dental check up today.

Regular flossing and brushing at home is very important too. You ought to brush your teeth for three minutes twice a day and floss to reach the parts that your brush is unable to. But this must be complimented with a visit to your dentist every six months. Ninety per cent of us will suffer from gum disease at some point in our lives, proof of how important it is for us to make sure we see a dental professional on a regular basis.

Your Epping dentist can help you have a lifetime of good oral health. At your dental check up, the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for any sign of disease. Dentists are trained in how to spot oral cancer and make early diagnosis and effective treatment possible. Visiting them every six months lessens your chances of having to undergo any invasive procedures as problems are more likely to be spotted early.

Even if you have not had appointment in several years and now feel embarrassed about the state of your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact your Epping dentist to make an appointment for a check up. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.