Dental Bridges in with Adavance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford

Tooth loss is a traumatic experience for any individual. Regardless of how the tooth was lost (decay, blow to the jaw etc), it can result in a significant decrease in self-confidence. Not only may it affect the appearance of your smile, it can alter the way you speak, make chewing more difficult and even strain the teeth on either side of your gap, causing them to lean toward each other and trap plaque and food debris.

In cases such as these, a bridge, can be used to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. It is a permanent solution to missing teeth as, unlike dentures, it is anchored into the jaw at multiple sites using a resin or cement. A dental bridge should last 10 -15 years, if cared for correctly.

Fitting a bridge will require at least two visits to your dentist in Chelmsford. The first visit, as always, requires preparatory work to be completed. New crowns must be made space for, and a mould of your teeth must be taken. Your bridge will be produced from this mould. On the second visit, your bridge will be fitted and the bite determined through adjustment. Sometimes, your dentist will not permanently fix your bridge until you have been happy with the fit for several weeks.

Cleaning and flossing should be of vital importance to you once your bridge has been fitted. Even the best bridge will still have gaps around the tooth and it is in these gaps that bacteria and debris can gather. It is therefore essential that you maintain a good dental regime in order to reduce the risk of any further decay and disease. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.