Dental bridges from Basildon dentists replace lost teeth

It is very important that lost teeth are replaced, whether you suffered from an accident or suffered tooth loss from decay or disease. The remaining teeth may begin to shift into the gap and eating and drinking can become painful. Your confidence might suffer from knowing that there is a gap in your smile, leaving you nervous about talking and smiling in social situations.

Dental bridges are an effective way to rectify the problem of tooth loss and they come in three varieties. In the case of a traditional or fixed bridge, a false tooth (commonly known as a pontic) is fused between two crowns. For extra stability, these crowns are anchored to neighbouring teeth. Plastic pontics are used in resin-bonded or Maryland-bonded bridge processes if it is a gap between the front teeth that is being filled. Here the resin is concealed to preserve the aesthetics of your smile. A cantilever bridge is used if your front teeth are vulnerable to lower stress and the pontic is just fused to one side rather than two.

If necessary your dentist will have to shave some of the existing tooth off. This is so that the bridge and pontic will have enough room. Just like when constructing a brace, an impression of the affected area of your mouth will be taken. Using this, a replacement tooth will be fabricated in a specialist lab. While waiting for your next appointment, you will wear a temporary bridge to keep the area stable and protected. Then your dentist will check that the replacement fits with your bite before attaching it with dental cement.

If you have lost a tooth, contact your Basildon dentist about the dental bridge work which is vital in restoring your mouth to good health. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.