Deep cleaning from dental hygienist at Billericay dentist

It is common today that a visit to the dentist may also involve an appointment with the dental hygienist. A hygienist’s role is to professionally clean the teeth for a patient using techniques known as scaling and polishing. This specifically involves removing plaque build up and solidified plaque known as tartar which cannot be removed by brushing.

A dental hygienist works in tandem with the dentist by offering advice and cleaning demonstrations on the best way to prevent plaque build up and dental decay at home. They can also develop individually tailored cleaning plans for each patient reducing the risk of future dental concerns.

More and more dental surgeries are using dental hygienists and noticing the overall improvement for patient’s teeth. Professionally qualified, a hygienist will often be able to spend longer with you than a dentist and it is often possible to book their services by the hour. Also, because they don’t have the same caseload as the dentist they can offer a more focused treatment session.

Dental hygienists have recently been approved and trained to take x-rays which enables them to diagnose problems and suggest possible treatments. They are also fully trained to apply fluoride treatments and offer smoking cessation advice. They can also offer smokers the best advice on how to effectively clean teeth to prevent tobacco staining.

Dental hygienists are a relatively new adition to the dental health canon but they are a very valuable one. As well as reducing waiting times for all patients, they are an invaluable weapon in the war against dental decay and gum disease. At your next visit to a dentist enquire about making an appointment with the dental hygienist and you could leave the surgery with a thoroughly cleaned and healthy set of teeth. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.