Dealing with Dentures in Chelmsford

For some of us, tooth loss can indicate the beginning of the end and the thought of having to wear dentures can signal the closure of our youth. But at the Advance Dental Clinic, the truth is quite the opposite so you should pop along to see them in Chelmsford and get the low-down on dentures. Dentures have changed quite substantially over the years and a lot of work has gone into them technically and in changing their image. Dentists also have a different take on gum disease from what their forefathers had and would rather save teeth where possible rather than pull them. All of this thinking has made dentures a very viable option to tooth loss. Partial dentures for example are so twee, delicate and natural looking; you would be very hard pushed as an observer to even notice someone wearing them. It’s this philosophy that has also been employed in the making of full dentures: they are made from softer materials that cling to the mouth more firmly and with teeth that look incredibly real. The full denture wearer has also two other great aces up the sleeve. Cements have got a lot, lot better, but it is the use of the mini-implant that has revolutionised dentures and the people that wear them. With a handful of these planted into the mouth, they lock the dentures rigidly to the gums, giving a freedom that previous generations could only dream of. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.