Dealing With Dental Phobia In Chelmsford

Dental phobia is one of the most common types of phobia and it may involve a fear of dentists or of having dental treatment. There are also other phobias, such as fear of pain, injections, the dental drill or needles, which may also cause dental patients to suffer from anxiety. At Advance Dental Clinic, we understand that many patients feel nervous when they have to go to the dental surgery and we have experience in providing care for patients who suffer from dental phobia. Our team is very friendly and our dentists will do all they can to give thorough explanations, answer questions and reassure patients to that they feel more comfortable. We can also offer additional techniques to help patients to feel more relaxed when they come for dental treatment and we are happy to meet with patients before their appointment to chat about their fears and try to help them feel calmer and more confident before the day of their treatment session arrives. One of the main problems with dental phobia is that it can prevent patients from seeing their dentist for a prolonged period of time and this increases the risk of dental health problems. We want to help patients overcome their phobia, so that they feel able to see a dentist on a regular basis without suffering from anxiety and dread. Regular appointments are so important because they enable dentists to check for changes in the mouth and identify warning signs of problems, such as decay, gum disease and oral cancer, as early as possible. If you suffer from dental phobia, we are here to help. Call us today and we will work with you to ease your anxiety and address your oral health needs.