Dealing with Dental Pain in Brentwood

In Brentwood, dental pain can come in many guises and can strike at any time. Sometimes it can come after you’ve had treatment or if you’ve had an injury. Heavy dental procedures can involve a lot of work to rectify problems and leave the mouth feeling sore and fragile afterwards. Generally, you will be prescribed a course of painkillers until the pain subsides. Other pains can be caused by an accident; minor injuries like a chip, or if veneer has fallen off or a filling has dropped out, and it’s likely that it can leave the gums and the tongue vulnerable to laceration. It is possible to fill any holes with sugar free gum and again use painkillers until you can get to the dentist. However, with a toothache, it can indicate a build up of decay inside the tooth. Again, painkillers can help here, but so can herbal remedies such as clove and Echinacea oils that have soothing qualities to ease the pain, whilst avoiding hot and cold drinks, until treated. Another pain that results from constant exposure to wear and tear, is pain found in the jaw. This can indicate a poor occlusion, or ‘bite’, or teeth grinding and is more complex to treat, even surgery may be required if significant damage is already done.

The worst, and potentially, the most dangerous cause of dental pain, is caused by an abscess forming. This can escalate very quickly; the blood can become poisoned and cause a haemorrhage to build up in the brain. Once the face shows any indication of swelling, emergency help should sort. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Essex.