Dealing with a nasty Abscessed Tooth in Chelmsford

Some things that go wrong in your mouth can be quite easy to remedy if you get in quick and visit your dentist in Chelmsford, but as the Advance Dental Clinic up in Moulsham Street would concur, if you get an abscess break out in your mouth, you will be treading very dangerous ground indeed. An abscess is the direct result of rubbish oral hygiene: plaque will turn to tarter and then squeeze the life from your gums before infecting them; tooth decay can also do the same and once there is nowhere for an infection to go, it will erupt as an abscess…this is terrible territory. Your face will swell up amidst the pain, but the toxins released throughout the turmoil will literally poison the bloodstream and threaten your brain with a shutdown. If any of this happens, you need to get some antibiotics inside you quickly and if you can’t get to a dentist, take no chances- get to a hospital. Once the antibiotics have quelled the flow of poison into your bloodstream and calmed the swelling, then your dentist can get to work on your mouth. But remember this: once an abscess, always an abscess; they re-offend and in most cases, the only way to put things right in your mouth is to have the tooth removed. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.