Cutting Down On The Sugar In Your Diet

Having a sweet tooth can often be costly to our oral health and can be hidden in everyday food and drink products. We know that eating sweets, chocolate and candy is bad for our health but it is also bad for our teeth. Bacteria in the mouth feed of sugar and cause the plaque to increase and become thicker on the teeth. It also turns some of the sugar into a glue-like substance so it can stick to the teeth easier. Whilst some saliva in the mouth can wash away plaque, this thicker substance which is glued to the teeth by the sugar is much more difficult to get rid of with saliva alone. Cutting down your sugar intake can drastically improve your oral health and stop tarter and plaque leading to gum disease and tooth decay, even teeth falling out or breaking. If you have a sweet craving there are many other options instead of a sugary treat, have a banana or some dried fruit or a low sugar treat instead. It is also essential to really look at what is in the food and beverages you put into your body. Many so called healthy drinks and smoothes contain large amounts of sugar as do fizzy drinks as well as enamel damaging acids. If you do have some sweets or chocolate it is better to have them in one go rather than throughout the day to minimize damage caused to the teeth. Many low-fat substitutes use sugar in order to make them taste better, but again this can cause damage to your teeth so always read the label and remember fat is better than sugar in the recommended quantities. If you would like more advice about having a better diet then contact us to arrange an dental hygienist appointment.