Cosmetic Bonding in Colchester: Advance dental offers advice

So, how can you get rid of all those gaps and gaps and well, general tardiness that sits aged and ugly in your mouth? Well, on the advice of Advance dental based in Chelmsford, you could try nipping along to your dentist in Colchester and ask about dental bonding. This form of cosmetic dentistry is one of the quickest and cheapest ways of getting your teeth back into shape. Once you have identified the problem, or problem areas in your mouth, then the dentist can get started on you. First, your teeth will be cleaned so that a first layer of tooth-coloured resin (that matches your teeth) can be applied over the surface of your teeth. A heat lamp will then be used to ‘cure’ the resin. This process will be done over and over again until the dentist is sure that there is enough of the resin to work with, from which your new look will be sculptured. All of this can be done in one sitting and the results are remarkable. You have to be careful with how you look after your bonding for the resin is porous and vulnerable to staining, however, the beauty about this treatment is that it is very flexible so if something does go wrong, you simply pop back and have a touch-up done.

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