Cosmetic Bonding for the Treatment of chips and cracks for patients from Colchester

Why Choose Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a fantastic solution to minor dental problems such as chips or cracks to the teeth, which can make teeth look less than perfect and can cause more problems if the cracks are not treated, such as tooth decay and infection.

Cosmetic bonding uses a “dental composite” which is a material than can be moulded into the shape by your dentist. It has a paste like consistency and is made from a variety of fillers and acrylic resins.

What is the procedure?

Have a consultation with your dentist and they will decide if your bonding procedure will require a local anaesthetic or not- many don’t. The area will be numbed around the teeth and the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the bonding. A suitable shade will be chosen so that it matches up with the rest of your teeth so that it will look discreet in your mouth. After smaller stages of the procedure your dentist will shape the tooth before applying the bonding. A new, modern, light technology called CEREC is used to harden the bonding and then it is shaped and smoothed into position by your dentist for patients from Colchester

Any down sides?

Cosmetic bonding is not suitable for everyone and is not a great idea if you have large cavities, but it is ideal for small cracks and chips. Also, the bonding is not as strong as other materials like porcelain veneers and is also susceptible to stains.

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