Colchester revels in Enlighten Tooth Whitening

If you live in Colchester and thinking of getting your teeth whitened to the highest standard possible, then your luck’s in, because as the Advance Dental Clinic of Chelmsford will tell you, there is probably no better around than Enlighten Tooth Whitening. This treatment ticks all the right boxes from the start, beginning with the fact that your dentist is involved as well so that you can be monitored throughout should things go awry, something they can’t do if you decide to go it alone. Then you are measured up for your air-tight bleaching trays and when they are ready you are sent home with them and the bleaching agents. The idea behind Enlighten is that last thing at night; you pop the bleach in the trays, the trays in your mouth and then go to sleep. In the morning, you take them out and wash them ready for the next night, and so on for the next two weeks. Throughout the course, you must brush with whitening toothpaste and it’s important to avoid any foods and drinks that may cause staining, and smoking is a definite no-no. Once you are through, you pop back to see your dentist who will give the teeth a quick laser blast and then you’re done. Doesn’t sound overly special, but then you wait until the results come in. This treatment leaves the teeth with an amazing natural whiteness and purity like no other, which is why it has rather shaken the pillars of power in the dental world and left it breathless. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.