Colchester dentists and stunning tooth coloured fillings: cosmetic bonding and filling cavities

Metal fillings were the only option for the necessary work of filling cavities for a great many years. The problem was they the metal was quite hard to work with and dentists couldn’t always be as accurate as they want to be. These occasional inaccuracies meant that the fillings sometimes failed and even when they didn’t fail, they looked unsightly in the mouth. Cosmetic bonding is a new way of filling cavities in teeth that improves upon the methods of metal fillings.

Cavities can form in teeth when plaque is not sufficiently cleaned from their surfaces and then the enamel begins to erode. Holes start to take shape and the process will not stop unless they are filled up. This poses a threat to the structural integrity of teeth and if they decay to a certain point they will have to be removed because no amount of fillings can effectively save them.

Dentists now use cosmetic bonding to fill cavities in teeth. Instead of having to work with metal, dentists now employ a composite of malleable materials which is far easier to manipulate. The results are a great deal more accurate, meaning that there is less chance of the fillings failing.

An added bonus is that the dental composite is actually the same colour as teeth. This means that patients won’t have to put up with unsightly dark patches blighting their smile. For those who already have metal fillings, cosmetic bonding can be used to replace them and the improvements to your smile will instantly be felt.

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