Choosing your Dentures in Chelmsford

It is very easy to conjure up nasty images in your mind about dentures when you are younger, so should you be on the receiving end of tooth loss when you get a little older, the thought of having them fitted could be horrifying. But most of this comes from total ignorance because like anything to do with the dental world in Chelmsford, denture technology has moved on quite dramatically and so wearing them has improved immensely. For a start, if you have only lost a few of your teeth, you are in for a treat, because not only can partial dentures wrap themselves around the teeth that remain, but because they are made from softer, natural looking materials, they adhere to the mouth a lot better. This also goes for full dentures; far more natural in their look and again, better adhesion in the mouth. Of course it is not just the dentures that have improved, so have the adhesives as well that stick them to your mouth. Keeping dentures in the mouth was always the bane for anyone that wore them, but along with better materials and adhesives, the wearer can also have fitted mini-implants in the mouth. These then dock into the dentures and hold them more firmly than any of your relatives had the luxury of in their day. If you need advice on the options and choices of dentures, call Advance dental care for more information. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.