Choosing Between Home Whitening And In-House Whitening Near Harlow

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments out there, able to transform even severe staining caused by tea, coffee or red wine. However, tooth whitening, like other beauty treatments, comes in different forms depending on the current condition of your teeth. If you have only light discolouration or staining you may want to try in-house whitening, which is faster and milder than at-home whitening. This treatment is carried out at the clinic and is able to whiten teeth by several shades in less than an hour! First whitening gel is applied to your teeth, after which a special whitening light is used to start the whitening process. The gel in combination with the light lifts stains and enhances the colour of your teeth. This is a great choice for those with only mild discolouration looking for a quick and easy treatment to brighten their smile. For those who have deeper staining, however, there is at-home whitening. This treatment ends with an in-house whitening session, but begins with your own personalised whitening trays. Moulds are taken of your teeth, which are then used to make impressions and then a gum shield for your teeth. These shields are made to your exact measurements and are taken home along with whitening solution. This solution is added to the trays for two hours a night, each night for two weeks. This will allow the solution to remove even the most ingrained stains and reveal the glorious whiteness of your smile. To truly enhance the whitening process your at-home whitening will then be followed by an in-house session, to ensure that your beautiful new smile remains radiant. If you would like more information on our whitening treatments please get in touch with us here at

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