Choosing a Dental Bridge in Maldon

There are many proven techniques in dentistry that have lasted the test of time since they were introduced and have evolved into a tried and tested procedure- dental bridges fit into that category. If you’ve lost a tooth or two, this method would be a way of replacing them and most dentists in Maldon will be able to do this. For the overall health of the mouth and teeth, it’s important to replace a missing tooth; a gap harbors bacteria, other teeth can move into it and it can lead to problems such as gum disease and even further tooth loss. Normally, a bridge should last you a good 10-15 years if looked after and frees you to carry on life as normal; they do require a more intense cleaning program though, with specially designed brushes- a process that your dentist will inform you of once it has been fitted. The most common of bridges is where the new tooth is bonded onto two crowns and attached to the adjacent teeth. This is a very solid fixture and has to accept the normal forces that are placed on the rest of the mouth from chewing and biting, but with the introduction of the mini-implant, this has helped to anchor it firmly into place, along with the normal bonding process. Another type of bridge is used when there is only one tooth to bond to, being attached by wire and resin, though these are starting to be superseded by dental implants. But bridges are still very reasonably priced compared to other treatments and are available on the NHS. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.