Children’s Oral Health Tips

It is important that we get our children into a regular oral hygiene routine from a young age. Educating children on the importance of looking after their teeth is also vital for the continued health of their teeth and gums. This can be done both at home, at school and by our dental team. When the milk teeth start to come through your child can begin to brush twice a day. Looking after milk teeth is essential for the adult teeth to come through correctly in a healthy condition. Make sure that any sweet items that contain sugar are treats and should be consumed in one go rather than through the day, as this will affect their teeth more than just one sugar eating period after a meal. We always make sure that your child’s experience is a positive, fun and educational experience so that they don’t feel worried or scared when coming to the dentist. Children pick up on how their family react to certain situations and can pick up on your own fear or anxiety at the dentist. Together we can all make sure that your child’s oral health is looked after into adulthood. There are a variety of child friendly toothbrushes and toothpastes that can make cleaning their teeth more fun and interesting. Eating certain fruits such as apples can help to clean their teeth and foods containing calcium such as milk and cheese can help to build healthy teeth and bones. If you would like any advice or would like to bring your little ones to see us for a check-up get in touch today so we can look after the whole families oral health.