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Illuminate Your Smile This Winter with Lumineers

It may be damp and miserable outside, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little extra sparkle to your life. If you’re hoping to brighten up those blustery days, why not treat yourself to a radiant new smile? With Lumineers, we can create glistening smiles in no time at all.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are unique veneers, which are crafted using patented, pressed ceramics. Produced by the Cerinate laboratory in the USA, Lumineers are the ultimate choice for anyone who dreams of a stunning, natural-looking smile.

Lumineers are not your average veneers. The pressed porcelain they are made from is not just aesthetically pleasing and delicate. It’s also incredibly hard-wearing and durable. Although Lumineers are thin, they are also very strong. In fact, Lumineers are up to twice as strong as other types of porcelain veneers. The added strength means that your new smile will stand the test of time.

The benefits of Lumineers

Most of us consider our smile our most important feature. If you have a brilliant smile, you probably don’t think twice about flashing it when you meet new people or pose for photos. If, however, you’re not happy with the appearance of your smile, you may be reticent to show your teeth. With Lumineers, we can transform dull, damaged, misshapen, wonky teeth into a scintillating smile.

Lumineers don’t just offer aesthetic advantages. As they are so thin, very little preparation is required, and this means that the tooth structure can be preserved and that treatment is minimally invasive. Lumineers are also much stronger than other veneers, so they should last longer.

If you like the sound of a sparkling winter smile, why not get in touch and find out more about luscious Lumineers?

Three Ways to Look After Your Veneers This October

The days may be getting darker, but that doesn’t mean that your smile can’t shine bright this autumn. If you’ve got a gorgeous set of sparkly veneers, here are 3 easy ways to look after them this October:

  1. Polish those brushing skills: brushing isn’t just about removing harmful bacteria from your mouth before it can cause plaque to form. It’s also about polishing the surface of the teeth, or in this case, your veneers, and making your smile look glossy and bright. We strongly recommend at least 2 minutes of cleaning every morning and evening. Brush gently and don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. If you need any brushing tips, we’ll be happy to help!
  2. Visit your dentist: if you haven’t been for a check-up in the last 6 months, we advise you to pick up the phone and give us a call. Your dentist will check your mouth for any potential signs of trouble and they will also give your veneers a quick clean to keep your smile sparkling.
  3. Go easy on the coffee: many veneers are stain-resistant, but if you want to keep your radiant smile for as long as possible, we advise you to cut down on coffee or use a straw when you drink to protect your veneers.

If you have veneers and you’re keen to keep them in tip-top shape for as long as possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more helpful tips and tricks.

Three Tips to Protect Your Veneers

When you’ve got a sparkling set of new veneers, you want to keep them in check for as long as possible. Here are 3 top tips to help you protect your veneers:

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene: it’s not possible for your dental veneers to decay, but it’s essential to take good care of your natural teeth, even when you have veneers. Brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time, and make sure you devote time to each quadrant of the mouth. Be gentle to avoid damaging your veneers.
  2. See your dentist: even when you have veneers, it’s really important to make sure that you see your dentist on a regular basis. Your dentist will check your veneers and your natural teeth and gums when you have an appointment, so don’t wait longer than 6-9 months to make an appointment for a check-up.
  3. Avoiding chips and staining: you want to keep your veneers looking fabulous for as long as possible, so try and avoid anything that could damage or stain your veneers. Some veneers are stain-resistant, but others will become discoloured if you drink wine, coffee or tea on a regular basis or you’re a fan of cola, dark berries or foods like soy sauce. Avoid hard foods which could chip your veneers. Examples include boiled sweets and popcorn kernels.

If you need any more tips or advice about keeping your veneers in tiptop condition, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our dental team will be happy to help!

How Lumineers can Transform Your Smile Quickly

If you’re searching for a cosmetic treatment, which can transform your smile quickly, look no further than Lumineers. These ultra-thin veneers are famed for creating stunning, natural looking smiles with minimal hassle.

About Lumineers

Lumineers are incredibly thin veneers, which are made from a patented ceramic material created by Cerinate. This patented formula is very strong and robust, yet the veneers are much finer and lighter than any other porcelain dental veneers. As Lumineers are so thin, they can be bonded directly onto the teeth with minimal preparation and this means that the tooth structure remains intact. As the process is simpler and less invasive than traditional veneers, treatment times are shorter than some other systems, and you won’t have to wait long to show off your amazing new smile.

Who can benefit from Lumineers?

Lumineers are a versatile treatment, which provides a solution for many different types of aesthetic flaw. If you have chipped or worn teeth, misshapen teeth, gaps between the teeth or stained or discoloured teeth, Lumineers could be an option worth considering. We also recommend this treatment for patients who come to us looking for a celebrity-style, flawless smile, which also looks really natural.

If you’re interested in veneers, why not arrange a consultation? Our friendly, experienced Essex dentists can tell you everything you need to know about Lumineers are answer your questions. They will talk you through the process, and then treatment can begin. In just two sessions, you could have a stunning new smile.

How to Get a Suddenly Straighter Smile with No Braces

If you have wonky or crowded teeth, but you don’t like the idea of wearing braces, you may have given up on the dream of a straight smile. If this is the case, we may have good news for you. With veneers, we can give you a stunning straight smile without a bracket or band in sight.

About Veneers

Veneers are incredibly fine and delicate shells, which are made from ceramics like porcelain, or dental composite. They are shaped like teeth, and they are applied to the surface of your natural teeth. Often, dental veneers are used to address aesthetic imperfections like discolouration, chips, and worn teeth, but they can also be used to hide gaps between the teeth and create the illusion of perfectly straight teeth. Unlike braces, which actually move and align the teeth, veneers simply cover the flaws, and create a beautiful new aesthetic.

Veneer treatment usually takes 2-3 weeks. During the first appointment, we’ll go through the ins and outs of treatment, talk you through the process, and start preparing your teeth for treatment. Depending on the type of veneers you choose, we may have to remove a very fine layer of the surface tissue to make space for the veneers. Each patient receives bespoke veneers. During the second appointment, we will fit your veneers, and you can take a look at your incredible new smile for the first time.

The Advantages of Veneers

Many people who don’t have perfectly straight teeth are reluctant to have orthodontic treatment, and veneers offer an alternative. If you don’t want to wear braces, but you want a straighter, more attractive smile, veneers may be an option worth considering. Veneers are famed for producing flawless smiles, and you don’t have to wait to see the results. The process is painless, and you’ll emerge the other side with an amazing smile and bags of confidence.

If you like the sound of veneers, why not give us a call and find out more?

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Lumineers

iStock_000005700678SmallToday, many of us take great pride in our appearance. If you don’t have perfect pearly whites, we have plenty of amazing treatments that can give you a beautiful smile. Lumineers are one of our most popular treatments, and it’s easy to see why. If you dream of a dazzling smile and you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry, here are six things you probably didn’t know about Lumineers.

  1. Lumineers are made from a patented material: many veneers on the market today are made from porcelain, but Lumineers are different. These innovative veneers are made from a patented ceramic material known as Cerinate.
  1. Lumineers are stronger than traditional porcelain veneers: Cerinate ceramic material is incredibly strong. Although the veneers look delicate, they can withstand significant pressure and they last for years.
  1. Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers: although Lumineers are stronger than porcelain veneers, they are actually thinner. This creates amazing aesthetics, but it also means that you only need minimal preparation work before the veneers are fitted. When you have Lumineers, the tooth structure remains intact.
  1. Lumineers can last up to twice as long as porcelain veneers: Lumineers may look fragile, but they are incredibly durable. In fact, they can last up to twice as long as other types of porcelain veneer.
  1. Lumineers can be used to treat all kinds of cosmetic flaws: veneers are very versatile, and they can be used to treat an array of imperfections, from staining and worn edges, to gaps between the teeth.
  1. Lumineers are custom-made by Cerinate: Lumineers are completely bespoke. They are unique and are only made by Cerinate. Each veneer is placed individually and shaped for a perfect fit.

Create a Perfect Smile with Lumineers

Make damaged or stained teeth a thing of the past with Lovely Lumineers

Time takes its toll on all of us and over the years we’re bound to lose a bit of that natural shine that our younger smiles enjoyed. Drinking tea, coffee and red wine can leave stains and this can leave our self-confidence lacking. Lumineers are a perfect option if you want to bring back that brilliant smile.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a special type of dental veneer. They are fitted over your tooth to restore your smile’s former beauty and sparkle. Dubbed by many as contact lenses for the teeth, what’s special about Lumineers is that they’re extremely thin. But don’t be fooled by their skinny appearance, Lumineers are super durable and can last for more than 20 years!

The beautiful benefits

With all veneers, to get a perfect fit your dentist might need to shave away some of your tooth before perfecting your new smile. As they’re so thin, you won’t need to have much of your natural tooth removed to fit a Lumineer over the top. They can even be slipped over a crown or bridge and are perfect for hiding crooked teeth without needing orthodontic work.

What Makes Lumineers So Different To Other Veneers For Patients Near Maldon?

If you’re searching for a veneer treatment, which guarantees stunning, natural looking results, Lumineers could be just the ticket. These veneers, which are made by Cerinate in the USA, are renowned for creating beautiful, radiant smiles, which retain a very natural look. They are made from patented ceramic material, which is light, yet extremely strong. Although Lumineers are very thin, they are also very durable and they are up to twice as strong as some other types of veneer. Lumineers can be used as a solution to common aesthetic issues, including staining, chips and worn surfaces, and they are also a very popular choice for patients who want that flawless looking smile. Lumineer treatment usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Before the veneers are crafted, we will invite you to a consultation and plan your treatment; your new smile will be mapped out and using state of the art techniques, we will create the design for your new smile, which will be sent away to the dental technicians. As Lumineers are so thin, preparation is minimal and in some cases, the veneers can be bonded directly onto the teeth. Usually, with thicker veneers, the tooth surface has to be buffed and trimmed to make room for the veneers, but with Lumineers, this is often not necessary and any work undertaken is much less invasive. Once the veneers are in place and you are happy with your smile, we will give them a quick polish and you’ll be ready to go out and show the world your brand new Lumineers smile. Lumineers are suitable for a wide range of patients and we will determine your suitability during the consultation stage. In most cases, this is a very effective cosmetic solution, which is capable of transforming the look of the smile, as well as your confidence.


Highly Advanced Lumineers Create A Stunning Natural Smile Near Harlow

Nothing beats walking along the street with your head held high and that feeling of confidence. We want all our clients to feel confident and happy when they smile, but we understand that it’s a rare gift to be blessed with a perfect smile. We offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments, including the amazing Lumineers veneer system, to transform tired looking teeth into beautiful, strong and radiant smiles. Lumineers are veneers that are made from patented Cerinate materials; they are extremely light and thin and they have a reputation for creating truly stunning smiles. Lumineers are made from pressed ceramic material and they are much thinner than most other porcelain veneers, which means that they require only minimal preparation. In most cases, when a patient undergoes dental veneer treatment, it is necessary to prepare the teeth beforehand and this involves taking away a very thin layer of the tooth surface; this is done to allow room for the veneers. With Lumineers, the veneers are so thin that this preparation stage is not required and in most cases, the veneers can be bonded directly to the tooth surface. Lumineers veneers are an excellent treatment option for patients who long for a beautiful, natural looking and timeless smile. They can be used as a solution for chipped, worn or discoloured teeth, or simply as a means of adding brightness and radiance to the smile. Lumineers are built for substance, as well as style, and they should last for several years. If you’d like to find out more about Lumineers and how they could transform your smile and your self-esteem, give us a call today!

Fix Your Discolored Teeth to Improve Your Social Life, Says Chelmsford Dentist

Having discolored teeth can be a great problem in more ways than one. To start with one will find it very difficult to find romantic partners because stained and yellow teeth will indicate that one does not have good oral hygiene. Prospective employers will also feel the same way, and while one might have the best possible qualifications, this one fact will be held against one self. A person looking for a career in show business or the visual media can forget about it if his or her smile is less than perfectly bright.

A Chelmsford dentist says that people need no longer live with ugly or yellow teeth, and the feelings of low self esteem that come along with it. There are many ways by which a person can brighten a smile and people are reaching for them irrespective of the cost. The cheapest option is bleaching the teeth, but this will rarely work against badly discolored teeth. A person who wants bright colored teeth no matter what the cost can opt for porcelain veneers.

A good dentist can create a set of teeth that look very life like and also have the translucency that real teeth have. They do need to be treated with care since they can chip, but that is only if the person is eating very hard food. The latest trend is for ordinary people to opt for these treatments, and not only celebrities or the really wealthy, because they feel that a bright smile is worth any amount of money. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.