Caring for Tooth Loss with a Dental Bridge in Billericay

Dental bridges have been around for decades now helping people get over the trauma of tooth loss and they work extremely well; if you care for your bridges and get over the tricky issue of cleaning them in the beginning, they will return the favours with a good 15 years of reliable service. The design of a dental bridge has changed with new technology and materials and this has only helped to make them more reliable. They come in two basic forms. You can have one made up once casts and x-rays have been taken of the problem area, and then it will be cemented into the mouth to the surrounding teeth. This has become the most popular option, especially since the introduction of the implant into the treatment, which has resulted in strengthening the bridge. The other option can be bonded and constructed inside the mouth using resins and wires. In all cases, the replacement crowns in the bridge need to be strong, so they would normally be made from porcelain-over-metal or gold. The treatment can be done in just a couple of weeks and once they are in, they will restore both health and style to the mouth again. For more information on the dental bridge, you can learn all you need to know from the Advance dental studio in Chelmsford because they serve the Billericay area. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.