Can Porcelain Veneers turn Yellow in Braintree?

If you have opted for having veneers fitted to overcome how bad your teeth have got over the years, it is a good choice to go for: they will cover up all the ills such as cracks on the surfaces of your teeth, gaps and generally the wear and tear that your teeth go through. However, just because they have sorted these issues out, it doesn’t mean that you should get overly complacent and carry on being abusive to your mouth, because even such a strong material like porcelain can also become faded through smoking, red wine and lots of coffee and though they respond well to polishing, your veneers can become yellowish in colour. Aside from all of these threats to the sheen of a veneer, if they have not been fitted correctly, air and bacteria can get between the surfaces of the teeth and veneer, and this too will yellow the overall look that the veneers were meant to overcome in the first place. If you are thinking of having veneers fitted, good on you, but learn all you can as well about the treatment and give Advance Dental Clinic a call in Chelmsford; they serve Braintree and can give you the best advice about dental veneers. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.