Brightening the smiles of patients from Colchester with the advanced whitening of Enlighten

Tooth stains can be caused by tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco, which over time make the smile look tired and dull. There are numerous teeth whitening products on the market today, but some are only able to lift the surface stains and do not provide the deep whitening needed to remove deeply ingrained discolouration.

Enter Enlighten tooth whitening

However, with Enlighten tooth whitening even teeth that are severely stained can find results up to 16 shades brighter!

How does Enlighten work?

Enlighten is able to brighten smiles effectively by using a two-prong approach to treatment and uses both home whitening and in practice treatments for patients from Colchester.

First, an impression of your teeth will be taken, which will be used to create customized bleaching trays. These trays will be used in combination with advanced whitening gel and, as the trays are specific to your orthodontic prescription, the level of whitening is heightened.

These trains will be worn every night for 2 weeks, after which you will return to the clinic for an hour session of in-practice whitening to enhance the colour of your smile even further.

Over the counter whitening vs Enlighten whitening

Over the counter whitening products can only achieve a low level of whitening and, as they do not come with professional dental advice, often tooth sensitivity and irritated gums can occur.

Enlighten tooth whitening carries none of these risks, as the home whitening trays are custom-fitted and so do not leak and the in-practice whitening is provided by a trained and skilled practitioner, so you needn’t fear the tooth sensitivity caused by cheaper products. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.