Brentwood dentists offer effective solutions to dental pain

Dental pain or tooth ache, can take many forms but it is always painful and best dealt with swiftly. It might be a sign that a nasty condition is developing in your mouth and can make activities which we take for granted – like eating, drinking and talking – painful and difficult to undertake. Contact your Brentwood dentist if you are experiencing dental pain.

Dental pain can take a number of different forms which have varying causes and require certain courses of action. You might experience sensitivity in your teeth when you eat or drink substances which are especially hot or cold. This probably means that your enamel has been worn away and plaque is beginning to interfere with the nerves in your teeth. If these nerves become damaged you may suffer from chronic dental pain which takes the form of a permanent tooth ache.

An accident or abscess might cause excruciating pain, often accompanied by swelling of the face. Pain while eating might be because you have a cracked or broken tooth. Any noticeable and persistent pain in the teeth should be reported to your dentist for evaluation, especially now that medical studies are indicating that dental pain can be a symptom of a serious, underlying health issue.

Your Brentwood dentist is trained to examine your dental pain and find out the underlying causes. It is quite possible that pain in one tooth actually has nothing to do with that tooth at all. You might need a cavity filling in or root canal work or simply need to change your diet for the better or undertake a more rigorous dental hygiene routine at home. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.