Braintree throws open its arms to the Damon Brace

Throughout all the bile that fixed braces have thrown at them about the problems they create and how ugly they can look, then maybe take a step back and look at just how good they can be as well, because you may be in for a shock. Of course, anything lodged in you mouth is going to play havoc with your oral hygiene and yes, you will have to practise special cleaning techniques to get them clean of food bits and pieces. But the thing that is rewarding about fixed braces is they work with the utmost precision and healthily, pull your teeth into place. One such brace that encompasses this is the Damon braces. This is a system that uses a unique mechanism that ensures it tightens your teeth on its own throughout the treatment meaning you pay fewer visits to the dentist and gets the treatment over with very quickly- anywhere from 9 months upwards. Damon braces are also very discreet: most are made from tooth-coloured pads attached to the teeth, and with a free running wire going through them. In some cases, these items can be made from transparent materials to give the ultimate discretion. For more information about the options that the Damon system can do for you, get in contact with the Advance dental studio of Chelmsford, who serve the Braintree area. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.