Basildon dentist creates same-day smile with Cerec technology

Twenty years ago it would have been impossible to think that you could go to the dentist and have a false tooth or dental crown made and fitted during the same appointment. But thanks to new technology known as Cerec this has now become a possibility.

Cerec, introduced by Sirona Dental Systems in the UK, is a revolutionary new system that allows your dentist to make new crowns, veneers and inlays in just a single visit, vastly improving upon the old style of treatment which would take about two weeks on average.

Cerec works by utilising the new technology of three-dimensional imaging and digital x-rays. The dentist creates an image of your tooth on the computer using these new tools, replacing the need for dental moulds. Using this image, the dentist can then design the new tooth on the computer to incredible degrees of accuracy. When satisfied with the size and shape of the new tooth, they can then instruct an onsite milling machine to sculpt the new tooth from a single piece of porcelain. This will have been chosen to closely match the colour and texture of the existing teeth of the patient. This fabrication process can take as little as six minutes per tooth.

Once the tooth has been made, the dentist will make some final adjustments to it by staining it to match the other teeth and polishing or glazing it in a furnace. The new tooth will then be cemented in place in the same way as any other dental restoration. This involves preparing the area by removing any enamel that is in the way and maybe etching the tooth for greater grip. Cerec technology is now available from Basildon dentists, cutting down waiting and treatment times for all patients and giving you a same-day beautiful smile. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

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