Basildon dentist brightens smile with teeth whitening

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures, the most dramatic and by far the most popular with patients is teeth whitening. Although mankind has been trying to whiten teeth for centuries using a variety of techniques and substances, it is only relatively recently that modern technology has provided a more successful method.

Teeth whitening hit the headlines in the late 1980s when it was mostly the preserve of the rich and famous but as it has become more available it has also become more affordable. Teeth whitening is now offered by nearly all dentists across the UK with a variety of different products on the market promising results. Different dentists use different products but some of the most popular are Enlighten and Zoom whitening.

Whitening treatments can involve anything from half and hour one off appointments to two week intensive whitening using specially prepared take-home trays with lower concentration gels for nigh time use. Whichever treatment you choose it is important that it is provided by a trained Basildon dentist, as some home-use kits can contain high strength hydrogen peroxide which is capable of burning the soft tissue in the mouth. Dentists will be able to use all the necessary protective gear to ensure that your mouth is perfectly safe during the treatment.

The cost of whitening depends on which treatment you opt for and how long it lasts but there is a treatment available for all budgets and results are achievable with only limited whitening having been carried out. The process is relatively painless with only some mild sensitivity being experienced by some patients. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford

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