Bad breath is easily avoidable according to a Colchester dentist

Bad breath is often something even our best friends daren’t mention for fear of upsetting us, yet if we know about it and seek some simple advice, we can avoid it. The problem is that it is often down to some bad habits we have as individuals, says a Colchester dentist. There isn’t a cure as such; it is just a matter in most cases of changing our eating and lifestyle habits. The liver is a vital organ that gets rid of toxins in the body; it also produces chemicals that are responsible for bad breath. Bad breath in some cases is just a matter of what we eat, foods such as spicy curries can leave an odour on the breath that lingers and dries the saliva that we produce to neutralise bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria is good for us in the first instance, but after it has done its job in breaking down our food, it needs to be got rid of. Flossing and mouth washing are a start, but just a simple routine like drinking water throughout the day will also help. Alcohol is a major cause of bad breath, it makes the liver work overtime and is a warning to us that our intake is above safety levels; the liver gives us bad breath for this reason. A lax attitude in oral care is also a major cause, as well as certain conditions like diabetes. Seeing a dental hygienist or your doctor is a good place to start, brushing your teeth after every meal will also stop the build up of bacteria that cause the problem. Make sure that you use a good mouthwash, and taking care to avoid gum diseases like Gingivitis will also bring bad breath to an end, giving up smoking can also help. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.