Amazing fillings available with cosmetic bonding from Colchester dentists

If you are ashamed of your personal appearance because of unsightly metal fillings or suffer from painful cavities, cosmetic bonding might be your way of achieving a proud smile and a pain-free mouth. You can have the perfect smile thanks to technological advancements which enable dentists to fill cavities with tooth-coloured composites in just one session.

Amazing cosmetic bonding techniques are now available with Colchester dentists who can replace an existing, metal filling or fill a painful cavity. The dental composite which is used is made from acrylic resin and fillers and is mouldable to fit into your cavities in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Having selected an appropriate shade of bond which matches your surrounding teeth, your dentist will clear the area of debris and tartar and apply a special gel to ease the bonding. Once the bond is applied, either in one go or stages, it is subjected to a curing light and then buffed and polished into a fine finish. You will then have a filling which is almost invisible and last far longer than traditional metal fillings.

This advance in dentistry means that the lengthy process of having metal fillings installed are a worry of the past. You can have your existing fillings replaced or your cavities filled in just one visit to your dentist. Cosmetic bonding will allow you to smile once again with confidence as no-one will even notice that you have had a filling, such is the natural look of the special composite. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.