Advice on How to Help Teething Tots from Your Helpful Local Dentist in Maldon

Your child’s teething can begin as early as three months and go on until your child’s third birthday. Teething tots can be frustrating for parents because it can be a painful experience for your precious child. Teeth are breaking through the gum line and are causing discomfort and swelling. Teething tots may drool more and want to chew on anything in sight. Teething may cause crankiness, restlessness, and disruption in sleep and eating. Tender and swollen gums are perfectly normal in teething tots. It helps to wipe your child’s face often with a cloth to remove any drool and prevent rashes. Encourage your child to chew on safe things that can’t be swallowed or broken into smaller pieces. A wet washcloth frozen for approximately half an hour makes for a great teething tool. Wash it thoroughly after each use, of course. Rubber teething rings can be helpful as well, but stay away from the ones filled with liquid as they may leak or break with force. Don’t let your child chew on anything very hard as this will cause damage to the soft tissues of their mouth and cause particular trauma to their gums. If your teething tot is particularly cranky and in discomfort, consult your dentist in Maldon about acetaminophen. Don’t medicate your child on your own and don’t try using alcohol on your teething tot’s gums. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.