A Chelmsford dentist advises on dental crowns

A dental crown is a cover up procedure, it is a simple solution to a big problem says a Chelmsford dentist. The teeth can become damaged on an individual basis, but instead of extracting the tooth and replacing it with a false one, a dental crown will replace the damaged piece of the tooth. Let’s say the top of your tooth is damaged by acid decay and the fillings are no longer doing the job. Your dentist will first take some X-rays and then some digital photos, from these and the dentist will make up a crown that will fit over the top of the tooth. This crown (as in a crown a royal may wear) has an inner chamber built into it, so it will fit just a hat on the head. The dentist will numb the tooth and start work on the preparation, this involves grinding down the top of the tooth where the damage is prevalent. The shape the tooth will now take will be slightly smaller than the area of the inner chamber of the crown. The crown is fitted over the newly reshaped tooth, and cemented onto the mount to complete the procedure, the result is a new tooth that looks and feels like the original. Where a tooth has been extracted a bridge crown can replace the original without the use of a false tooth on a plate, a denture. In this case the gap and the teeth either side are photographed and a crown is made up of 3 teeth, the middle tooth replaces the extracted one and the teeth either side are used to anchor it in place. The teeth either side are ground down to take the anchor teeth, it is the same method as for a damaged tooth, these two teeth then form the `land side` of the bridge to keep it in place. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

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