A Basildon dental advises on the procedure for dental implants

A dental implant is a false tooth that replaces an extracted one, this is not to be confused with a denture says a dentist from Basildon. An implant is exactly that and the procedure is a simple and usually painless one for patients who can’t wear a denture. The research was first started in the 1950s and involved fusing a false tooth into the jaw line to replace a tooth as naturally as possible. In 1965 the first operation took place and it was a success, the procedure is now available at almost every dentist surgery. At the first sitting the patient will have the rogue tooth removed and the jaw line cleaned up, X-rays and digital photos are taken of the gap and the teeth on that row. From this a new false tooth is made up, it is usually a metal tooth that is covered in a porcelain clay and baked in an oven. The dentist will then shape and polish it to the same shade of white as the other teeth, the patient will then have a plate fitted into the gap and screwed into place on the jaw line. This will mean a hole being drilled into the jaw to accept the stem on the plate which holds the screwed hole the tooth will be anchored to. This is done without cutting the gum as the dentist will just numb the area and drill straight through the gum, no stitches are needed. The new implant is then simply screwed into place and left to fuse with the bone just as the original was. The fusing limits the use of the tooth while it is bonding with the jaw bone, but the whole procedure takes just 3-6 months and then the tooth can be used just a real one. It can be replaced at any time. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.