6 Month Smiles For Fast Orthodontic Treatment In Maldon

In years gone by, patients wore braces for at least 12 months in order to enjoy a straighter smile, but today, the range of treatments has increased significantly and treatment times are shorter than ever before. 6 Month Smiles is one of the most advanced fixed brace systems around and as you can probably guess from the name, it works in half the time of most other treatments.

What’s so good about 6 Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles was pioneered in the USA and has since become a great success in the UK. There are many reasons why 6 Month Smiles is a great treatment but perhaps the most obvious selling-point of this system is the speed. Usually, fixed braces are worn for at least 12 months, but this system takes just 6 months to correct misalignment and improve the position of the teeth.

How does 6 Month Smiles work?

This treatment works much faster than other treatments because it focuses on the front teeth only and uses state of the art technology to speed up the movement of the teeth. By focusing solely on the social 6, the teeth that can be seen when you smile, treatment time is reduced considerably and you are sure to enjoy a beautiful result.

Is 6 Month Smiles a good option for me?

If you have minor alignment issues that affect your front teeth and you are searching for a quick and discreet solution, 6 Month Smiles may be a perfect match. We will be able to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment when you have your consultation. 6 Month Smiles is not suitable for everyone and if you need more movement or you have problems that affect the back teeth, other options may be more effective. Your Advance Dental Clinic dentist will be happy to explore all the possibilities with you and help you find a treatment to suit your needs.